about me

I'm a Computer Science student at the University of St Andrews, currently finishing my sub-honours. After finishing my degree, I plan to find work in the video games industry developing games. I am looking to create some of my own indie games in the coming months/years before finding work, and I hope to use this website as a portfolio of my endeavours. As well as producing games and game-related content, I shall also share some coding projects that I have already done, as well as artwork and music that I produce in my spare time. I hope to use these skills in art, programming and music production to assist me in the games design process.

why computer science?

For me, computer science holds the perfect equilibrium between logic and creativity, allowing me to blend all of my personal interests; and as many applications as there are in the computer science category, none appeal to me as much as video game development. I would love to make games that are enjoyed by a diverse range of people from around the world; games that become a staple in the players lives, and a reminder of the times they played them. Learning at Orion's coding club for three years from the age of twelve was the recognition of studying computing as a professional and exciting career path, with large potential.
I learned basics in Java, HTML and CSS programming languages, and over the three years, younger members of the club joined, and I was encouraged to help troubleshoot and teach the younger members with problems. This experience not only helped to consolidate the work I had learnt, but also develop leadership, teamworking and communication skills. The club was a very enjoyable environment, and the experience was hugely rewarding and a perfect introduction to computing. At the end of my penultimate high school year, I did work experience at Oracle, trialling Oracle lab tutorials using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; acting as a proof-reader and trouble-shooter for their staff tutorials. The level of software structure was new content to me and the work was a welcome challenge that became more intuitive as I progressed. Meeting employees who spoke so highly of their interesting and evolving computing jobs made me confident that computer science was right for me.
I look forward to an ambitious career in the computing science field, and to imprinting my own influence on the video games industry.