Pocket Garden Lockdown Project

During the start of the pandemic, a friend from school and I who had been in the same music technology class together decided to make an album together while we were bored in lockdown. My friend Tom, who did the production and mixing, would send me a demo that I would write some lyrics and record the vocals on top of. Before completing the album, we volunteered one of our songs that would go towards the album to a Fife Women's Aid Charity lockdown album.

We put our album on most streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc), so our friends and family could listen. I did the artwork for the album as well as making us a website which you can visit here. We also have a music video for one of our songs, Receiver, that our friend Eva kindly made for us; you can watch it below. Our other friend Tasha also features on this song with her violin.

Other Production

I have been dabbling in producing music for a long while, and I'm hoping to release a full album at some point in the future, however for now I just have a couple of uploads on Soundcloud to show for my work.

About me in music

I'm very passionate about music. I've been playing the piano since I was about seven, and along the way have picked up some other instruments too, primarily guitar. I even had some harp lessons at one point!